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Elements Cleaning ProductsWhat is GREEN Cleaning? Generally, "Green Cleaning" is defined as "using the best cleaning products and practices to protect health without harming the environment." It is a comprehensive approach to maintaining a facility that includes effective procedures, bio-based chemicals, "green" equipment, recycled paper, tools, matting, etc. that minimizes impact on human health and the environment.

United Sanitary can help you develop a program to maintain a healthier and cleaner facility. Small steps can produce surprising results. For instance, the proper use of floor matting, along with regular floor maintenance and using CRI rated vacuums, can help improve indoor air quality. Using green practices can help extend the life of your carpets.

We proudly feature Misco elements™ Bio-based Cleaning Products.

Elements Air Solutions

It is important to remember -- Cleaning for health should be the central focus of any cleaning and maintenance program. It may not be practical for you to commit to a full Green program, but a few simple changes can make a difference.

United Sanitary is committed to helping our customers maintain a healthy environment through the use of environmentally sensible products. Let our courteous and knowledgeable professionals guide you to GREEN.

We provide education on product use, procedures, and programs. We continually look for, and test, new products to be sure that we are offering our customers only the most effective green products and janitorial supplies.

There are numerous organizations that have instituted guidelines, recommendations, regulations, and certifications for Green Cleaning products and procedures; here are just a few:

Green Seal (GS Standards)

Green Seal
(GS Standards)

United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

United States
Green Building
Council (USGBC)

Leadership for Engineering and Environmental Design (LEED) program

Leadership for
Engineering and
Design (LEED)


ECO Logo Certification

ECO Logo

EPA Design for the Environment (DFE) program

EPA Design for
the Environment
(DFE) Program