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JT Eaton™ AC Formula 90™ Rodenticide Seed Bait

Rodenticide seed bait. Active ingredient chlorophacinone. Controls Norway rats, roof rats and house mice. First-generation anticoagulant. No bait shyness. 75 x 1.5 oz place packs in tamper-evident resealable pail.

JT Eaton™ A-C Formula 90™ Seed Bait

Single feed rodenticide seed bait. Active ingredients chlorophacinone. Control Norway rats, roof rats and house mice. No bait shyness. First generation anticoagulant. "Tamper Evident" and resealable pail. Packed 84 x 4 oz. place packs per pail.

JT Eaton™ Stick-Em® Mouse Size Glue Trap

Non-poisonous. No toxic odors. Clean. Avoids dangers of pests dying in walls. Remains sticky at wide temperature extremes. Disposable. White trays. 4" x 3".