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Shampoo - Hair & Body


Dial® Body & Hair Shampoo Refill - 800 mL

Cleanses the entire body and keeps hair looking soft and shiny. Fresh, fragrant formula has been specially formulated for effective cleansing of entire body. Perfect for use in any facility including fitness clubs. Also spas and nursing homes. Use with Flex dispensers.

Dial® Body & Hair Shampoo Refill - Gal.

Cleans the body while conditioning the hair. Hypoallergenic. pH balanced. Includes one pump per case.

GOJO® Luxury Foam Hair & Body Wash - 1250 mL Refill

Green, spa-quality foam body wash and hair shampoo with a cucumber melon scent. FMX-12™ 1250 mL Refill. Use dispenser: 5150-06, 5155-06.